Ceramic Spray


16 FL OZ Spray Bottle



Ceramic Spray

Use Ceramic Spray to provide ceramic paint protection on your automobile or to maintain and prolong the life of your ceramic coating. Ceramic Spray adds a glossy appearance and slick feel to your paint, while also increasing the water repellency, scratch resistance and chemical resistance of your vehicle’s finish.

DIRECTIONS: Apply 3-4 sprays of Ceramic Spray per panel on all painted surfaces. Some hazing will occur during the application process. Use a clean, dry microfiber towel to spread product evenly. If dry towel does not remove all of the haze, repeat with a damp towel and follow it with another dry microfiber towel.

WARNING: Harmful if swallowed. If ingested, do not induce vomiting. Contact a physician immediately.
Use product in conjunction with nitrile gloves, safety mask and protective eyewear. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN


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