Waterless Wash


16 FL OZ Spray Bottle



Waterless Wash

Clean your car without water with Waterless Wash, even while Supercharging your Tesla. This highly lubricious formula safely lifts dust, road grime and dirt from the vehicle. It is an excellent product for use in water-controlled communities. There are also many uses around the home including windows, mirrors and metallic surfaces.

DIRECTIONS: Use Waterless Wash in conjunction with premium microfiber towels. Spray onto a small section of your vehicle at a time, wipe away and buff to a high shine. Use only clean microfiber towels and rotate them frequently to prevent scratching. Do not use the product in direct sunlight.

CAUTION: Use with only clean towels. If used with dirty towels or on extremely dirty vehicles, fine scratching may occur.

WARNING: Harmful if swallowed. If ingested, do not induce vomiting. Contact a physician immediately. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN


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